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Experiencing the Centenary
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The Centenary Département Committees

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In every département, there is a Centenary Département Committee (CDC) with responsibility for promoting and coordinating the local commemorative projects with the focus being on cultural and artistic creativity, educational activities and the development of the economy and tourism.

Promoting local remembrance of the war

Every French département took part in the war front, whether they were at or behind the front. A number of them were the scene of fighting. All of them though lived through the violence of war and mobilisation of their inhabitants, men, women and children alike. All of them retain a vivid memory of this global event which left its mark on every village and every family. Today the départemental committee is way of sustaining this local memory of the war and using it as a stimulus for projects for the future.

Establishing a département project for the commemorations

Chaired by the Prefect, the Committee has among its members all the political and institutional representatives involved in the preparations for the Centenary: local government, State decentralised services, scientific, cultural and heritage institutions, associations, delegations from abroad.
Its task is to coordinate and promote all of the département’s commemorative projects focussing on cultural and artistic creativity, educational work and the development of the economy and tourism. In pursuit of the aim, it will make use, notably of the département’s cultural facilities (museums, theatres, festivals).

Providing expertise for the commemorative projects

The départemental Committee is an authority which makes suggestions, provides expertise and takes decisions. It alone and only it, is empowered to make proposals to the Centenary Partnership Program in respect of projects which are likely to be eligible for national certification. This “Centenary” certification is a quality guarantee for the project, a recognition that it is innovative, structured and original, amongst other qualities. This seal of approval means that the project can feature in the national official program of the Centenary, and, subsequently, seek a financial contribution from the Centenary Partnership Program.

Informing the public

The départemental Committee also has the task of keeping the public informed about its work and the projects underway, not only in the département, but also elsewhere, in France as well as abroad. To this end a page on the Internet site of each département prefecture is to be reserved for the centenary of the Great War.