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Discovering the Centenary
Understanding the Centenary
Experiencing the Centenary
Discovering the Centenary
Understanding the Centenary
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The Centenary Partnership Program

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First World War Centenary Partnership Program is a public interest group established in 2012 by the Government for the preparation and implementation of the commemorative program for the First World War centenary. It is made up of sixteen founding members and works under the authority of the deputy minister responsible for War veterans, Mme Geneviève Darrieussecq, who is responsible notably for coordinating ministerial work.

The management board

The management board of the First World War Centenary Partnership is made up of representatives from seven ministries (Foreign Affairs, Army, Culture and Communication, Interior, Research and Higher Education, Education, Tourism), six public institutions (Bibliothèque nationale de France, Institut français, musée de l’Armée, Établissement de communication et de production audiovisuelle de la défense, Centre national de documentation pédagogique and Office national des anciens combattants et victimes de guerre), of two national associations (Association of French Mayors and Souvenir français) and a mutual insurance and savings company, the CARAC.

For the names of the founding members please see the list

The Centenary Partnership Program is moreover supported by three consultative bodies: an international scientific committee, a committee of sponsors and a committee of municipalities for the Centenary.

Furthermore, among the members of the management board are qualified figures from the two parliamentary assemblies.

The chairman of the management board of the Centenary Partnership Program is the Army General (2S) Elrick Irastorza.

The aims

The First World War Centenary Partnership Program has three main aims :

  • To organise, between 2014 and 2018, the highlights of the commemorative program for the First World War Centenary decided on by the Government;
  • To coordinate and support all the public and private initiatives put in place in France or by France abroad as part of the Centenary, by offering notably a “Centenary label” and an official program of the main events organised in conjunction with the Centenary. The Centenary Partnership Program is supported, to this end, by the Centenary Committee of the Départements (CDC) set up in each département with the job of coordinating, under the authority of the prefects, the work of the decentralised State departments, local authorities and associations, by the educational network of the National Centre for Teaching documentation and the “remembrance and citizenship” reference offices set up by the Department of Education in each academy, by the network of members of the tourist industry (GIE Atout France, regional tourist boards, département tourists boards and tourist information centres), as well as by the network of embassies and Instituts français abroad;
  • To inform the general public about the preparations for the Centenary and put in place a communications strategy in conjunction with the major events organised as part of the Centenary and to provide information about the First World War, notably by means of a reference digital resources website.

The permanent team

The First Word War Centenary Partnership Program is run by a permanent interministerial team:

  • Directeur général : Joseph ZIMET
  • Directeur général adjoint : Laurent VEYSSIERE
  • Conseiller diplomatique : Hervé DEJEAN de la BATIE
  • Conseiller diplomatique : Didier GONZALEZ
  • Conseiller pédagogique et historique : Alexandre LAFON
  • Secrétaire générale : Christine GOURIELLEC
  • Agent comptable du groupement : Jacky PICHOT
  • Directrice de la communication : Audrey CHAIX
  • Chef du pôle territorial, sous-préfet : Xavier LUQUET
  • Conseillère pour l'action territoriale : Nadia WAINSTAIN
  • Chargé de mission pour l'action culturelle : Quentin TISSOT
  • Directeur éditorial web : Richard HOLDING
  • Secrétaire particulière de la direction générale : Evelyne MALLEJAC
  • Conseiller de la Mission : Jean-Pierre VERNEY